Register Your Child Now for the 2020-2021 School Year »

365体育投注平台 Each year more than a thousand Stamford children become eligible to attend Stamford Public Schools (SPS), yet not all...

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Grab-and-Go Meals  »

365体育投注平台 Stamford Public Schools (SPS) continues to provide free Grab-and-Go meals, at the following school and community sites...

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Stamford Public Schools Named Christopher Soules as Interim Executive Director Human Resources and Talent Development »

Stamford Public Schools (SPS) Superintendent Dr. Tamu Lucero and the Stamford Board of Education (BOE) named...

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SPS and Stamford C2C Invite You to a Parent Pop-Up Webinar on Summer Youth Programs »

Stamford Public Schools (SPS) and Stamford Cradle To Career (C2C) invite you to join a Parent Pop-Up Webinar, called, "...




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About the Stamford Board of Education

The Stamford Public Schools (SPS) is governed by a group of nine elected officials, referred to as the Board of Education (BOE). Each BOE member is elected to serve three consecutive years and is eligible for an unlimited number of terms. The BOE is responsible for ensuring high-quality education for SPS students and overseeing operations of the schools. 

 The duties of the BOE include:
  • Appoint and evaluate the superintendent of schools.
  • Establish and monitor school policies for effectiveness.
  • Prepare and adopt, with the aid of the superintendent, an annual budget for submission to Stamford's fiscal boards.
  • Interpret the needs of the Stamford community with regard to SPS, and keep the community informed of the goals, values, conditions, and requirements of the SPS.
Board meetings  
Regular monthly board meetings are generally held on the 4th Tuesday of each month and always start at 7:00 p.m.  The BOE also has five working committees, each chaired by a BOE member. Committee meetings are generally held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of each month. 
All BOE regular, special and committee meetings are open to the public and are held in the BOE board room on the 5th floor of the Stamford Government Center, unless otherwise indicated on the meeting agenda. The public is provided with an opportunity to address the BOE at the regular monthly meetings only. The public cannot address the BOE at a special meeting or any committee meetings.  All community members who wish to address BOE must sign the speaker’s roster prior to the start of the "time for the public to be heard" portion of the agenda. Each community member is allowed three minutes to address the BOE. Any inquiry that the BOE and/or superintendent deems appropriate will be answered at a later date by the superintendent or a designee.  Community members should know that the BOE will not respond to questions or comments during the regular board meeting. To contact all board members use: BOE e-mail.
Meeting agendas are posted at least 24 hours in advance with the Town Clerk and on the district website. You will be notified when a meeting agenda is posted on the website, by .  Each Friday, public documents related to an upcoming regular or committee meeting can be found at: .

Staff Contacts




Jennifer Gonzalez  

Executive Secretary

(203) 977-5318

Board Members




Home Phone

Mr. Andy George

365体育投注平台President, Fiscal Committee Chair

7 Sweet Briar Lane
Stamford, CT 06905

365体育投注平台(203) 322-3511

Mrs. Jennienne Burke

365体育投注平台Vice President &

365体育投注平台TLC Committee Chair

16 Bouton Street West, Unit 23
Stamford, CT 06907

(203) 595-8340

Mr. Daniel Dauplaise


44 Crab Apple Place
Stamford, CT 06903

(203) 249-2068

Mr. Nicola Tarzia

365体育投注平台Asst. Secretary &

365体育投注平台Operations Committee Chair

1455 Newfield Avenue
Stamford, CT 06905

(203) 962-5600

Mr. Mike Altamura


1603 Newfield Avenue

Stamford, CT 06905

(203) 962-2871

Mr. Fritz G. Chery


365体育投注平台401 Commons Pk. S.

365体育投注平台Stamford, CT 06902

(914) 979-2260

Mrs. Becky Hamman


29 Lindsey Avenue

Stamford, CT 06905

(203) 752-6061

Mrs. Jackie Heftman

Labor Committee Chair

365体育投注平台97 Acre View Drive

Stamford, CT 06903

(203) 329-8108

Mrs. Jackie PioliPolicy Committee Chair

365体育投注平台25 Glenbrook Road, Unit 335

365体育投注平台Stamford, CT 06902

(203) 570-0675

Mayor David R. Martin (Non-Voting)


Stamford Government Center, 10th Flr.
888 Washington Blvd.
365体育投注平台Stamford, CT 06901

365体育投注平台(203) 977-4150